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Simple Steps to Better Marketing :: A Virtual Seminar

  • Simple Steps to Better Marketing :: A Virtual Seminar


Marketing can be mystifying to a new, or even established, business owner. It's not always intuitive, but it is very teachable. Once you know the proven, age-old formula, marketing becomes much less difficult and much more successful. Particularly in this modern age of digital content.

After this seminar, participants will be ready to maximize the power of Google to connect with new customers as well as communicate with customers in a way that feels genuine and ultimately results in higher sales.

Topics covered will include:
- The power of Google + SEO
- Building a brand story
- Best practices for newsletters
- Simple graphic design tools and techniques
- Pricing strategy as it relates to your brand

Registered participants receive a recording of the seminar and all related handouts. Once a quarter, Jennie will host a Live Q&A session over Zoom for registered participants to ask any follow-up questions they may have.


Please note: Because sensitive proprietary information will be shared freely during this seminar, registration will not be accepted for anyone within 15 miles of the Love 'n Fresh Flowers farm.