Certified Naturally Grown right here in Philly using only regenerative farming practices!
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CSA BOUQUET SHARE ~ 4 Week Subscription


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  • Image of CSA BOUQUET SHARE ~ 4 Week Subscription
  • Image of CSA BOUQUET SHARE ~ 4 Week Subscription
  • Image of CSA BOUQUET SHARE ~ 4 Week Subscription
  • Image of CSA BOUQUET SHARE ~ 4 Week Subscription


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A flower CSA works the same way as popular vegetable CSAs. A customer/member typically joins in the winter/early spring before the growing season starts. Their payment helps our farm buy seeds and other supplies for the coming year.

In return for your "investment", members receive a stunning weekly bouquet of premium, Certified Naturally Grown flowers at a far better price than if purchased at retail. When you join Love ‘n Fresh Flowers' CSA, you’ll be getting only blooms that have been grown without any synthetic chemicals in a field where nurturing nature through biodiversity and sustainable practices is top priority. We grow our flowers right here in Philly (in the Upper Roxborough neighborhood), and they are usually picked the same morning as members get their share! This is in stark contrast to the half-dead flowers at the supermarket that have been shipped in from South America or Africa and were picked several days, even weeks, earlier.


How It Works

Place your order here for the share type (bucket vs. bouquet) of your choice. Please look at all the choices in the store to make sure you are selecting the one you want.

- Start Month: When placing your order here, you can choose to begin your 4 week share the first Tuesday of the month in either in May, June, July, August, or September. Months the CSA is available may change each season as we determine our other events and commitments. If you are purchasing the CSA as a gift, we will try to accommodate any requests for changes to the month that your gift recipient might have.

- Pick Up Location: Members will pick up their share of flowers each week from one of two designated locations. You can choose to pick up your share from either the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia (zip 19118) or the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia (zip 19128)

- Pick Up Day and Time: Pick up each week is on Tuesdays between 4:30 PM and 7:00 PM.

- Gift Card: If you are giving a CSA share as a gift, we can provide a lovely card explaining your thoughtful and unique gift. Let us know if you would prefer a paper or electronic card and where to send it.

Once we receive your order, we will then get in touch with you via email (within 48 hours) to confirm your order was received and to give you additional details.

Pick-ups only.

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Bouquet Shares are lush, pre-arranged, European-style, hand-tied designs that come wrapped in a hand-stamped brown paper wrap for easy transport and gift giving.

The bouquet share is also a great choice for the local business looking to easily add color and a fresh distinctive touch to your sales or reception area. Great for doctor's offices or hostess stations.

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You can share your share!! Since our flowers last so long, sometimes you don't need a new batch every week or you might be going on vacation during the summer. You can absolutely have someone else pick up your share whenever you like. Consider splitting it with a friend where you alternate weeks.

As another perk, CSA Members receive 20% off any workshops at our farm throughout the season they are signed up as a member!

Past Members Said

"Would definitely do this again next year. I received many compliments for my flowers from family and friends. It was lovely having fresh flowers throughout the house. I just purchased a new kitchen table and could not wait until it was delivered to put my flowers on the table. Cannot wait until next year!"

"Each week there were a few flowers that took my breath away. This week it was apricot colored zinnias and a heavenly blue flower I don't know the name of. I put them together and the result was stunning! what I enjoyed most about my experience was the exposure to so many new flowers and realizing as the summer went on that I love flowers now even more than I did before!"

"I couldn't grow my own flowers this year, and I was so happy to get Jennie's buckets every week of great, fresh flowers. They are much more pleasant to work with than flowers from the store."