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CREW Short Course

  • CREW Short Course
  • CREW Short Course
  • CREW Short Course
  • CREW Short Course



This course is hosted on the Regenerative Flower Farmers Network. TO PURCHASE THE COURSE, follow this link:

Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work piling up at your small farm or market garden? Also feeling overwhelmed by the idea of hiring help? Tried hiring help but found it to be an emotional rollercoaster you'd rather not ride? This online short course will help fit some critical pieces of the puzzle together and give you an action plan for moving forward with greater confidence finding and leading a hardworking crew.

Jennie has managed employees at her farm for 15 years and has learned a lot of hard lessons along the way. Topics covered in this seminar will be:

- How to advertise for help
- How to interview
- How to offer the job
- How to train
- How to manage crew workflow
- How to incentivize and keep a good crew
- How to deal with fallouts

Handouts include templates for a job description, a new hire letter, a performance review, and a sample digital crew whiteboard.

Jennie will host a live Q&A session over Zoom once a month to answer any follow-up questions participants may have.



"This was incredibly valuable and timely information for my farm. Putting it to use immediately! So glad I invested in this course. Thank you Jennie!" ~ Beth F.

"LOVED this course! More valuable than some others that are even higher in costs. ~ Anne

Lots of great practical information to incorporate immediately. Jennie is a wonderful teacher and shares her knowledge freely to help other flower farmer-florists succeed. ~Stefanie