Certified Naturally Grown right here in Philly using only regenerative farming practices!
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Introducing THE SEASON PASS: flexible (& contactless) access to our flowers and our farm throughout the 2020 growing season!

What does The Season Pass entail?

Good question!

Purchase now and pick up flowers from our farm on appointed days from mid-May all the way through to early September. The first Monday for The Season Pass will be May 11th.

The purchase price of The Season Pass includes five freshly-picked and hand-crafted bouquets of Certified Naturally Grown flowers from our farm, plus three single-variety flower bunches (for example, tens stems of snapdragons), the opportunity to visit and experience the farm’s peaceful growth throughout the season, and a 10% discount on any of our Floral FUNdamental Workshops in 2020.

Pass holders will pick up flowers from our Philadelphia farm (zip code 19128) on MONDAY AFTERNOONS when they so choose. The Season Pass is flexible, so if you want to pick up one Monday but don’t the next, no problem! Take a month-long vacation down the shore and pick back up again when you get home! Or come get all your flowers at once if you live far away and don’t want to make the drive very many times! Whenever Pass holders are picking up their flowers, they’ll always be invited to stroll around the farm and take in all the hard work and vibrant life here.

Now for some necessary, nitty-gritty fine print:

+ We will not be able to accommodate all Pass holders every single week due to limited parking and a continued concern for Covid-19. In an effort to provide plenty of room for social distancing, Pass holders will need to sign up, via a Google Doc, for one of the 20 minute “appointments” available each Monday in order to get their flowers. Once the appointment slots are full for a given Monday, we will not be able to accommodate any more Pass holders that week. Weekly sign up for appointments will be first come, first served.

+ Once a Pass holder has used up their allotted number of flower (5 bouquets and 3 bunches), they will no longer be able to visit the farm on Mondays through The Season Pass program. The 10% discount to Floral FUNdamental Workshops will be good throughout the 2020 season, regardless of when a Pass holder’s flower allotment has been used up.

+ Pass holders may bring one guest with them each time when picking up flowers. No more than one guest is allowed. Children under 12 are not permitted (ours is a working farm and there are many hazards around; we don’t want to endanger any littles in any way!). Pets are not permitted on the farm grounds and must stay in the vehicle if you bring them with you (dogs can do major damage to our flowers and also scare our farm cats!).

+ You may share a Pass with a friend or family member. A Pass being shared by multiple people will still only receive 5 bouquets and 3 bunches. The 10% workshop discount can only be used one time per workshop session, but can be used on multiple workshops.

+ The Season Pass is only valid for 2020; allotted flowers not picked up before early September 2020 (at the end of The Season Pass program) will be forfeited.