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PORCH PETALS for Local Delivery on Thursday


  • Image of PORCH PETALS for Local Delivery on Thursday
  • Image of PORCH PETALS for Local Delivery on Thursday
  • Image of PORCH PETALS for Local Delivery on Thursday
  • Image of PORCH PETALS for Local Delivery on Thursday
  • Image of PORCH PETALS for Local Delivery on Thursday

Now taking orders for delivery on September 24th.
Flowers are vital natural medicine to help awaken your soul and ease anxiety. Too often they are seen as simply a luxury, when in fact they have the magical ability to instantly shift the energy in the room they are placed. We all deserve more beauty in our daily lives.

We are loving seeing all our amazing flowers going out to our neighbors through our Porch Petals delivery service. Thank you for your continued support of our farm as we find our new path!

It's important to note as always: Delivery for this THURSDAY is only available for the following six neighborhoods / zip codes. Please read this list carefully to confirm your delivery address is in one of these:

+ Chestnut Hill (19118)
+ Mt. Airy (19119)
+ Roxborough (19128)
+ Wyndmoor (19038)
+ Ft. Washington (19034)
+ Ambler (19002)

Please only order if the zip code for delivery is listed above! We will not be able to deliver to addresses outside of those zip codes.


OUR DRIVER WILL NOT BE GOING INSIDE ANY BUILDINGS! Sorry, but it's just not safe to do at this time; our delivery driver is already being courageous to undertake driving around all day delivering flowers. We can not have her going inside buildings and touching lots of door handles along the way. This rule is for her safety and the safety of our community.

This week there are THREE options available for our Porch Petals program.

OPTION ONE: A premium mixed bouquet full of all the gorgeousness autumn has to offer! Antiqued lacey hydrangeas, dahlias, zinnias, cosmos, solidago, caryopteris, celosia, gomphrena, and more may be included in each bouquet! Each is uniquely hand-crafted and wrapped in brown paper.

*We can put a handwritten message on the side of the paper if you'd like. Just leave the message in the "note" section of your order.* Please limit messages to no more than 8 words so we don't get a massive hand cramp writing a novel! ;-) Bouquets are priced at $44.00.

OPTION TWO: It's dahlia season and it's time to savor these popular blooms as we head into autumn! This week we have bunches of colorful assorted dahlias available, 10 stems in a bunch. No foliage or other fillers; just dahlias. Please note that dahlias do not have the longest vase life. Typically they last 3-5 days. All the more reason to really savor these floral masterpieces while you have them! Dahlia bunches are priced at $18.95

OPTION THREE: A lush "Celebration Arrangement" designed in a vase, like you might order from a traditional florist. We know it is very hard to celebrate life's special moments right now, ones that we would normally throw a party for...like a new baby being born, or a 50th anniversary, or a housewarming party for a new home. We want to create something worthy of these moments that you can send to someone you can't be in person with to celebrate together. Given these arrangements take extra time to design and take up more space in a delivery vehicle, we are only able to create a limited number per delivery cycle. First come, first served at this time while we continue to navigate how to most efficiently run a freshly-minted and bustling delivery service. Celebration Arrangements are priced at $85.00.

PLEASE NOTE: Colors, flowers, and any vases used in any Porch Petals option are completely "designer's choice". We are unable to customize orders at this time.



Add one of our super-cute, all-natural cotton totes to your order and show your Love 'n Fresh Flowers pride around town.


There is a flat rate delivery fee of $4.50 on each order to help us continue to pay our dedicated staff a living wage.

If you’d like to order flowers for delivery to multiple locations, please create separate orders for each delivery address.


We will simply place the flowers near your door and ring a bell/knock and then head straight back to the delivery van. Now that the weather is hot, please have a container of water on your door step for our delivery driver to place the flowers in should you not be able to take them inside immediately.

You will receive an email notification once your flowers have been delivered. When you get the email saying your flowers have shipped, please check outside your door... your blooms will actually be there!

We will be doing our best to keep the entire process as sanitary and safe as possible. We recommend you wear gloves when first handling the flowers after delivery. Once you put them into the vase, they should be perfectly fine to have in your home. The paper wrap should be disposed of immediately. For other recommendations for safe handling of goods delivered to your home, please visit the CDC website.

Sweet words from Porch Petal customers in April:

"My in-laws received their flowers, and apparently they were so happy that they started crying. Just wanted to let you know how much this all means to folks. Thanks for all you do!"
~ Aaron

"Ahh!! A week later and [my flowers are] still gorgeous!!"
~ Laine

"Just wanted to say thank you for my deliveries and going above and beyond by adding my special note! Much appreciated and both 'mom-moms' were thrilled. The bunches were beautiful!! Looking forward to ordering again soon."
~ Joanna

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